Consultation and Supervision Minneapolis Metro area.

Consultation is for the benefit of helping clients find answers, advice and guidance for their particular concern.  We assess the issues needing change and provide clients a safe place to talk with a professional without the need for psychotherapy. Consultations and supervision are given to clinicians, clinical agencies and small family owned businesses in the Minneapolis metro area.

Consultation and supervision with therapists includes either individual or group supervision.  It’s a process of learning how to improve your psychotherapy by understanding yourself better and the impact your therapy has on clients.

My approach is psychodynamic, family systems and strategic.  It allows clients to make decisions or changes in their lives and move in the direction of wellness.  We can do this consulting by phone, skype or in person.  Consultation and supervision Minneapolis Metro area are done at my office in Edina.

In small family owned businesses, it is common for conflict to occur among family members. Conflicts can provide insurmountable challenges. It also gets in the way of the business growing and thriving.   We work together to safely explore the relationships, to better understand the difficulties and to bring about a desired change.

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