You Can Build a Healthy and Happy Relationship with a Little Help

Marriage counseling involves both partners in an intimate relationship forming a therapeutic relationship with a trained counselor. The focus of marriage counseling is on improving the quality of the relationship for both partners. Marriage counseling looks at issues like communication, honesty, shared responsibilities, commitment, and mutual support.

30+ Years Helping Couples Build & Re-Build Their Relationships

In my work with couples I attempt to provide a setting in which both partners can safely explore their relationship, better understand their difficulties, to bring about desired change.

Couples need to be able to discuss sensitive topics without becoming defensive or attacking one another.  I facilitate this by helping couples safely explore difficult issues from each person’s perspective. I attempt to clarify and improve communication, increase understanding, and help both parties to work towards solutions.

Relationship Building for All Types of Couples

Many types of partnership can benefit from marriage counseling, including married couples, couples preparing for marriage, co-habiting couples, dating couples, separated couples, and couples preparing for a divorce. Although originally developed as marital therapy, marriage counseling now equally recognizes and works with unmarried couples, as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples.